FailSafe Festival is a five-day festival of live performance, taking place in the Times Square/Hell's Kitchen area of New York City. FailSafe Festival 2019 will be from Wednesday, August 7, to Sunday, August 11.

In its inaugural year of 2017, FailSafe Festival presented work from eleven artists and organizations, and welcomed over 400 audience members to partake in dance, theater, and music for adventurous theatergoers.

FailSafe Festival was born from the following questions: 

  • How far can the artist grow if they are freed from the need to produce work that is "safe": work that they know must succeed both financially and artistically in order to justify the precious use of time, space, and finances?

  • If the artist is given the opportunity to present work that is "risk free", where experimentation or the rawness of that work is embraced, what can they produce?

  • How far can the artist stretch their artistic voice if they are allowed the opportunity to push beyond what is expected of them?

FailSafe Festival provides artists a space to present their risks and experiments, their freshest and rawest voices, in an environment that supports the diversity of those voices.

"What a pleasure to be a part of FailSafe. I benefited greatly from being in the festival. Over the three days, I refined the Eleven Kevins section of "Books and Music", and got excellent feedback from my guests."

~ Barbara Ann Michaels, "Books and Music", FailSafe Festival 2017

If you have any further questions, please e-mail: failsafefestival[at]gmail.com

(Image: "5: A Celebration of the Senses ~ The Living Movie", Stefano Di Lorenzo; photography: Damian Charles)