Please note that each participating production will receive only one tech/dress rehearsal time of a minimum of one (1) hour between 4pm and 7pm on artist's performance date (June 25, June 26, or June 27). 


FailSafe Festival will provide one (1) technician who can act as a light, sound, and projections operator.


Each production must provide their own designers, additional tech operators (lighting, sound, projections), run crew, stage manager, and production manager as needed. Recommendations can be provided to participating productions.


There will be limited amounts of FailSafe Festival spike and gaff tape available to FailSafe Festival staff. Any expendables needed for a production, such as but not limited to tape, tie-line/rope, and others are the responsibility of each production.


The basic tech information for the FailSafe Festival venue is as follows:



  • All productions will be asked to share or send their sound files to FailSafe Festival for playback from the festival computer.

  • There is a basic sound system with 1/8" audio jack input.

  • One wired hand-held mic, mic line (XLR cable), and mic stand will be available.



  • Due to the nature of the space, lighting paperwork won't be available prior to tech.

  • All productions will be asked to provide basic information on lighting needs prior to tech.

  • The basic lighting package will consist of basic front light, side light, and back light systems.

  • The light board is a manual two-scene pre-set. Cues cannot be recorded on the light board.



  • All productions will be asked to share or send their projection files to FailSafe Festival for playback from the festival computer.

  • There is one (1) ceiling mounted projector available for use.

  • The projector cannot be moved or re-focused.



  • At its longest, the stage is 10' wide by 12'6" long.

  • At its lowest, the lighting positions over stage are 10' high.

  • The stage is a raised platform with two entrances upstage behind a black curtain.

  • These entrances lead to a back of stage dressing room. The dressing room is only accessible via the stage.

  • There are forty (40) seats with armrests in the venue.

  • The venue is located on the second floor of a building without an elevator.

  • The venue is not ADA accessible.

  • There are two (2) stage blocks and two (2) music stands available for use.

  • There is limited, shared storage available for all participants.



If you have any further questions, please e-mail: failsafefestival[at]