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Meg Buckner/My Six Parents; Image Credit:

(Image Courtesy: Meg Buckner )

My Six Parents

Meg Buckner
Performance Dates:

Friday, August 10 @ 8pm

Sunday, August 12 @ 2pm

Ticket Information:

$15 General Admission

Tickets will also be available for purchase in person half an hour prior to performance. Cash only. 


Back in antiquity, doctors did the best they could with what little knowledge of the body mankind had discovered. To fully heal, wounds would often have to be excised, cutting off infected tissue. Most sickness was "cured" by bloodletting. And aren't we always told to not remove a glass shard lest you want to bleed? The wounds that Grief creates have to be healed in the same way: they must get bigger and carefully cared for in order to properly heal. This is my response, filled with the various waves and experiences that come from grief. But it is also a story of my origin and many parents. Each has left their various marks and shards in me, but not without moments of healing. From adoption to divorce. Hospital visits to marriage. Doggy kisses to unwanted adult gazes. And even from one death to the other, the ironic and morbid sense of humor that life has never ceases to amaze me. I have two birth parents whom I've never met. I have two parents who adopted me. One stepfather, later legal father. And finally, one step mother who is shattered glass, trying to pick at her shards without bleeding out. This is a story of pain, but mostly of memory and love.

Artist Information

Meg Buckner is an educator, choreographer, and actor. She recently received her MFA in Movement Pedagogy from Virginia Commonwealth University earlier this year. Currently, she at the Laban Institute of Movement Studies to become a certified movement analyst, and the work of Laban heavily influences her work with students. This is especially true when teaching stage combat. While pursuing a career in academia, she continues to do freelance choreographic work, perform, research, and teach.

Ticket Information

$15 General Admission

Tickets will also be available for purchase in person half an hour prior to performance. Cash only.

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