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Unfinished Bedtime

Clown Show

Madeleine and Olga
Performance Dates:

Saturday, August 10 @ 1pm

Sunday, August 11 @ 3pm

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$15 General Admission


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“Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” Olga and Madeleine’s “Unfinished Bedtime Clown Show” whomps, whirls and wishes-on-stars as it discovers the various rhythms, diversions and manipulations of Bedtime. Uncategorizable, a portrait perhaps of Motherhood er perhaps of Childhood, our show explores the nightly magic of duping a kid to go to sleep and tricking a mom into more and more minutes awake!  Interactive clown games, puppets, lullabies, and hopefully no creepy crawlies!

Artist Information

Madeleine Joyce (Co-Creator and Performer) is the youngest of a family of six and grew up in the Rocky Mountain air, though she currently lives (and breathes) in the Big Apple. She is a performer, yoga teacher and multi-hyphenated-artist-- the “multi” depends on the season and project, of course. Points of pride include touring the West in a donated white van with her theater company, No Fog West, that was dedicated to documentary theater, and also helping to devise a Six Part Healthcare Epic “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep,” with The LIDA Project in Denver. Educated at Vassar College, her BA in American Culture culminated in writing a full length play for her thesis called “Land of the Frau,” based on interviews with African American GI’s stationed in Germany in the 1950’s. Madeleine believes live performance, woven words and joyful art will heal the world and inspire passions too!


Olga Putilina (Co-Creator and Performer) is a performer, writer and theater artist. She is grateful for nights being tucked in as a kid and camping under the stars across several continents as an adult. Other memorable nights include: the night she spent up in a tree in the symphonic Amazon rainforest; the night she stayed up finishing her thesis for her MSEd in Educational Theater; the night her son was born; and the long, preemptively nostalgia-tinged nights of praying and pleading that he go to sleep. Olga enjoys daytime, too, especially when there's laughter. (@olgaaalina)


Grace Cannon (Co-Deviser) is a community-based theatre artist and facilitator. She recently graduated with an MA in Applied Theatre from CUNY School of Professional Studies. Grace met Madeleine at Vassar College and joined her in the white van touring documentary theater with No Fog West Theater Company around the Rocky Mountains. In Chicago, Grace worked with American Theater Company, Artemisia Theatre, and Adventure Stage. On a Fulbright Scholarship in Berlin, she spent a year independently researching performative expressions of the German fascination with the American West. Grace believes deeply in the importance of performance and place for bringing joy and welcome change into people's lives.


Colleen Horan (Co-Deviser) wears all the hats, usually many in one day! She loves collaborating on theatre projects. As a mom, bedtime has become a very emotionally charged part of her life, so this was really the perfect piece to work on with Grace, Madeleine and Olga. She might have updated her website recently, but not her headshot, which is over a decade old. You can find both at colleenehoran.com.

Kevin Dorff (Sound-Devisor) is a writer, an actor (and a musician, too, he supposes) with a deep love for devising and research-driven development of new work. Born and brought up in Des Moines, he earned his B.A. in theatre from Colorado College before moving to Chicago to work as a new play development apprentice with American Theater Company, where he assistant directed "The Project(s)". Now living in Brooklyn (address withheld), Kevin is thrilled to be working with Madeleine and Grace again after FailSafe’s 2018 production of "Gunpowder". He is a member of Playwrights Horizons’ Special Forces Unit and a Cancer Rising.

Ticket Information

$15 General Admission

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Online ticket sales will end one hour prior to performance!

Tickets will also be available for purchase in person half an hour prior to performance. Cash only.